Establish a truly HOLISTIC, HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE and SCALABLE system that enables your business to generate more predictable revenue as well as optimise your margins month after month, year after year.


Julia Ewert helps companies establish perpetually effective and scalable sales functions with consistent performance and predictable sales revenue – by building a truly holistic sales system with a proven sales process, expert skills training and ongoing skills empowerment.




Convert More Qualified Contracts, Increase Your Margins & Win More Negotiations

Step-by-Step Sales Optimisation Process

Establishing the key foundation for predictable revenue and repeatable success.

The world’s best practice, for your business. Customised.

The Infinite Sales Process™

  • A repeatable sales process framework your front-line team can rely on, following a customised guide
  • Customised guides to use in sales conversations: phone calls, in meetings, emails
  • Key methodology, principles and skills for each stage of the conversion process
  • Best practice for relationship marketing strategies

Expert Sales & Negotiation Skills Training

Learn how to MAXIMISE your sales effectiveness and apply the same skills used by FBI negotiators, for your business.

Maximise your sales effectiveness.

Expert Sales & Negotiation Skills Training

  • Learn the skills to shorten your buying cycle
  • Establishing your value proposition so you are easy to buy from
  • Our signature method for successfully overcoming price challenges
  • Methodology for overcoming objections
  • … and much, much more.

Ongoing Coaching, Mentoring & Upskilling

On-going coaching, practicing, mentoring & upskilling to keep your revenue machine oiled & effective.

Master sales.

Sales Gym™

  • Group Training / Coaching & Workshops
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Expert Support & Trouble-shooting Deals and Opportunities
  • Strategic Advice – Business sales strategy and structure, negotiation planning.
  • Upskilling and Empowering
  • Support & Mentoring to Help Keep Staff Motivated

“There is no magic bullet to developing a successful and effective sales function for your business. You need to establish a holistic and scalable foundation to allow that to grow. You need to invest in building and maintaining your revenue machine.”

“For me, there’s only one person, and that is Julia Ewert…”

– Kwame Christian Esq., CEO, The American Negotiation Institute

“If you look at podcasts and thought leaders on business persuasion, usually it’s going to fall into the categories of sales, negotiation and leadership influence. It’s rare to find a thought leader who is very comfortable and markets themselves as an expert in both sales and negotiation.


Try to think about it, does anyone come to mind? For me, there’s only one person, and that is Julia Ewert from Perth, Australia, who is fantastic thought leader in this space. Some of the information she teaches is the best out there because she’s able to combine both her knowledge on sales and negotiation and put them together perfectly.”

Real Results


Real Results