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Julia Ewert is a renowned sales and negotiation expert who works with clients around the world equipping them with highly-effective, and very practical business skills to achieve sustainably better outcomes.


Known as ‘The Negotiator’, Julia applies some of the world’s best practice, enabling medium to multi-million dollar companies to excel in their sales and negotiations.

Julia Ewert

Supercharge your Sales

Establish a truly effective sales process that builds a strong ‘revenue machine’ for your business and enable you and your sales team to keep winning more sales, more often and for more margin.


The Infinite Sales System™

  • Qualify your leads to maximise your effectiveness
  • Convert more proposals than ever before
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Increase your margin and stop discounting
  • Make more sales from LinkedIn & social media

Negotiation Excellence

Learn how to apply expert techniques used by the FBI in hostage and crisis negotiations to enhance your leadership and improve how you influence.


Negotiation Mastery Program

  • Negotiation for Leaders
  • Communication skills
  • Trade-union contracts and disputes
  • Customer service and customer experience
  • Price/margin changes (selling or procuring)

“Selling and Negotiation are two of the most essential business skills for any company. Businesses don’t just need to have these foundational skills, they need to be experts in order to excel.”

Julia Ewert presenting

“For me, there’s only one person, and that is Julia Ewert…”

– Kwame Christian Esq., CEO, The American Negotiation Institute

“If you look at podcasts and thought leaders on business persuasion, usually it’s going to fall into the categories of sales, negotiation and leadership influence. It’s rare to find a thought leader who is very comfortable and markets themselves as an expert in both sales and negotiation.

Try to think about it, does anyone come to mind? For me, there’s only one person, and that is Julia Ewert from Perth, Australia, who is fantastic thought leader in this space. Some of the information she teaches is the best out there because she’s able to combine both her knowledge on sales and negotiation and put them together perfectly.”

Real Results


Real Results

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