About Julia Ewert

Renown for equipping companies around the world with sales and negotiation skills based on world’s best practice and FBI negotiation techniques, professional negotiator and sales strategist Julia Ewert has more than 25 years’ success helping businesses become more effective in converting more contracts, increasing their margins and winning more negotiations.

A regular contributor to the media and a highly requested speaker, Julia is a sought-after thought leader in the topics of sales and negotiation in the business environment. She has been featured in major national media vehicles, a large variety of podcasts, and spoken at many industry conferences and seminars.

Julia’s programs have been successfully implemented in a broad range of industries and countries around the world and she continues to be recognised for her work, being nominated for and winning several awards including 2022 Top50 Small Business Leader and the 2022 Australian Business Champion Awards.

Julia continues to work with companies operating in professional services, mining, construction, healthcare, logistics, engineering, start-ups, tech, property, F&B, finance and everything else in between.

Julia truly lives and breathes sales and negotiation and applies the skills she trains into her everyday life as well. In between coaching and training businesses, Julia is constantly discussing trends with industry peers, and is never without a book on negotiation, selling or business strategy.

When she’s not sharing her sales and negotiation secrets with grateful businesses, Julia can be regularly found being interviewed by the media, having contributed to various podcasts and publications including the Herald Sun, the Courier Mail, Business Daily Media, The West Australian, Business Women Media and radio stations 6PR, 2GB, 3AW and 4BC.

In The Media

Julia is regularly featured in the media.

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Some companies Julia works with

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A breath of fresh air

Julia has worked in sales and sales leadership roles in FMCG, Telecommunications, Property, e-Commerce, Insurance and Property Development, helping these companies take the awkwardness and mystery out of selling and negotiating, particularly for businesses who find the essential business skills a challenging concept.

Clients often gratefully tell her:
“We thought we knew how to sell and negotiate until we met you.”

Julia prides herself on teaching clients – who’ve often made huge investments in marketing, but struggled to land the sale – to make more sales, more often for more margin, with her successful trust-building system.

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