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The Art of Winning in Negotiation

Learn how to apply expert skills and techniques used by the FBI in hostage and crisis negotiations to influence more effectively in your business and personal relationships.

“Negotiation is the art of letting the other side have your way.”



The Negotiation Mastery™ Program is Julia’s flagship negotiation skills training program which encompasses an expertly curated series of 4 key foundations of the art of winning in negotiations.

The program equips you with…

  • understanding the fundamental principles of the art of negotiation in the real world,
  • then guides you on how to prepare for negotiations,
  • and teaches you the techniques on how to reach a favourable agreement,
  • and empowers you to deal with disagreements.

Ideal for companies who rely on leadership to supercharge performance and who seek to be more effective in positively influencing teams, customers and stakeholders.

This highly-effective program comprises of active participation, practice sessions and scenario planning.


The Negotiation Fundamentals Workshops are short one or two day workshops designed to educate participants on the key fundamental principles of negotiating and basic application skills in certain scenarios.

Workshops include…

  • Introduction to negotiation
  • Supercharge your leadership: Negotiating as a leader
  • Enhance your influence
  • Successful procurement negotiations
  • Negotiate for better margins
  • Effective employee engagement
  • Negotiation for women
  • Influencing discussions with difficult people

These workshops will empower you to be prepared and successful in everyday, and even the most challenging negotiation situations.

Negotiation Consulting

Whether it’s a major sales contract, a strategic acquisition, an employee relations matter, a union discussion or any other situation that requires effective negotiation, Julia Ewert offers support to manage these scenarios.

“For me, there’s only one person, and that is Julia Ewert…

If you look at podcasts and thought leaders on business persuasion, usually it’s going to fall into the categories of sales, negotiation and leadership influence. It’s rare to find a thought leader who is very comfortable and markets themselves as an expert in both sales and negotiation.

Try to think about it, does anyone come to mind? For me, there’s only one person, and that is Julia Ewert from Perth, Australia, who is fantastic thought leader in this space. Some of the information she teaches is the best out there because she’s able to combine both her knowledge on sales and negotiation and put them together perfectly.”

Kwame Christian Esq., CEO, The American Negotiation Institute

Kwame Christian Esq., CEO, The American Negotiation Institute
The Arnott’s Group Ltd.

“As soon as we began working with Julia, we saw an immediate and positive response…

We were negotiating the new EBA with the manufacturing union and felt like we didn’t have a clear strategy for the negotiations, and our conversations with the union weren’t moving forward.

After working with Julia, we are now able to approach a negotiation situation with clear techniques and tools to build trust and create a more positive environment when negotiating.

As soon as we began working with Julia, we saw an immediate and positive response from the other party who acknowledged that they finally felt heard. We were able to move the negotiations forward with the tools and techniques learnt through Julia’s program.

The questioning and listening techniques we learned have also been leveraged since the training and we’ve seen a more positive response in a lot of scenarios since then.

The way Julia presents is extremely engaging and we worked with her online! She has a great sense of humour and we enjoyed being able to practice the skills in a safe environment.  Julia’s years of experience is clearly demonstrated through the program and our team all benefited greatly from partnering with Julia during our negotiation.

If you’re looking for an expert for a particular negotiation situation then I would be extremely confident in recommending Julia as someone who can provide you with great education and support.  She is very personable and comes with a high level of professionalism and energy that makes the training engaging and effective.”

The Arnott’s Group Ltd.

Sales & Negotiation Best Practice

Julia Ewert is a renowned sales and negotiations expert who works with clients around the world to equip them with very practical and highly-effective skills.


‘ The Negotiator’, as she is often dubbed, applies some of the world’s best practice to enable medium to multi-million dollar companies to excel in their sales and negotiation expectations.