Masterclass: How to make successful phone calls


Sales phone calls (done right) are 93% more effective than sending sales emails.

It makes NO sense to send a sales email when you’re competing with everything else in someone’s inbox. Why would you want to enter a race that has thousands of competitors, when you can enter a race with very few instead?

Set yourself up for success and do what your competitors aren’t doing, by making sales phone calls with a genuine, human element to them. You’ll be blown away by the results when you learn:

  • What to avoid saying on the phone
  • How to open your conversation in a way that welcomes your contact
  • Why email is so unsuccessful when it comes to making sales
  • How to keep your conversation moving towards a sale in a genuine way
  • What to do when your call go through to voicemail


At only $47, can you afford NOT to learn these techniques?