Masterclass: Know your value and never discount again


Stop discounting and start winning more business at full price AND with happy customers!

Whether you sell a product, a service or a skill – every business needs sales.

Time and time again, businesses are giving discounts simply because someone asked for it. This often results in the business owner questioning their price and place in the market.

Learn how to have a conversation around price in a calm, rational and comfortable way, that ends in your customers paying more for your product or service, as well as

  • The #1 way to stand out in a competitive industry
  • How your conversation can lead to your customers telling you why your worth more
  • The power of being curious and inquisitive in a pricing conversation
  • The ‘call their bluff’ question that qualifies your prospects every time
  • How to invite a conversation around price in a collaborative way

At only $47 this will be the best investment you make in yourself by never having to discount again!