Masterclass: Stop wasting money on Networking unless you’re prepared


If you’re not talking to people and you’re not meeting people, you’re not doing business.

Networking is an essential part of doing business, but most people are doing it all wrong. They are joining groups (online and in-person) and not making the most of the people within it or the opportunity to connect properly. Most importantly, it isn’t bringing in sales, which makes it a waste of time and money.

Learn how to optimise and enjoy your networking experience and see your business grow by learning:

  • How to identify when and where to network (online and in-person)
  • How to contribute to the group in a meaningful way
  • What to say that makes for enjoying conversation
  • The importance of building trust with new connects and how to do it genuinely
  • The biggest pitfalls of networking so you can avoid them!

At only $47 this will be cheaper than your next networking event AND it will benefit you!