Maximise Your Sales Effectiveness

Expert Skills Training

Equip your front-line team with expert skills and apply the same skills used by FBI negotiators, for your business.

As your sales process is established , your team will be equipped with essential sales and negotiation skills that help maximise the effectiveness of each stage in the process.

Expert Skills Training is included as part of the Infinite Sales System™ and is delivered with the Infinite Sales Process™.

You’ll learn powerful skills that’ll maximise your sales effectiveness, including:

  • Learn the skills to shorten your buying cycle
  • Establishing your value proposition so you are easy to buy from
  • Learn how to stop relying on technical language and speak the language of your customer
  • Our signature method for successfully overcoming price challenges (so you never need to discount or compete on price)
  • How to start winning the business from the first conversation
  • Key skills for conducting conversations with prospective clients so you never need to worry about what to say
  • Methodology for overcoming objections such as “I’ll think about it”, “it’s not the right time” and general “indecision”
  • You’ll also have practical skills training during sessions

“Actually having our frontline team learn and be effective in key sales and negotiation skills really helps to build a powerful foundation for generating revenue.”

Klaus Multiparking, Germany.

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