How to Build Genuine Trust and Achieve Business Success with the Infinite Sales System®

• How do you apply the same negotiation skills used by the FBI in a sales process?

• Can you become a master salesperson and not be ‘salesy’?

• How can you really stand out in the most relevant way amongst the competition?

• How do you properly follow up to make the most of your efforts?


From Pitch to Profit answers these questions and more, taking you step by step through The Infinite Sales System®: a strategic, tried-and-tested process that follows the same expert techniques used by the world’s best negotiators. You’ll master the conversations you need to connect with prospective clients and grow your profits — from a stellar first impression to building genuine, mutual trust.

Learn how you can drive more business, consistently and efficiently.

Learn a proven, easy-to-follow, and repeatable approach for connecting with clients, winning negotiations, and increasing revenue — no matter your industry

– Discover the exact questions you need to ask in the first sales meeting — and get an actionable plan for following up more effectively.

– Learn how to spot the clues that will tell you what clients need from you to buy in.

– Successfully convert more ideal customers.

– Generate more predictable revenue with higher margins.

For those serious about elevating their sales approach and contributing positively to their business’s growth, this book is not a nice to have…



Emeritus Professor Gary Martin

CEO, Australian Institute of Management, Western Australia


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