Here’s how to book more sales appointments

Video transcript

How long is your buying cycle?

Do customers buy from you the first time you meet with them, or does it take a few meetings, or a few months or even a few years?

I’ve got many clients whose buying cycle is really long, up to a few years. So this can be a real challenge when it comes to a sales process for how do you keep people engaged?

And one of the quick tips I always say to people, and one of the most powerful things you can do whenever you have a sales conversation, is never finish a meeting without a commitment or an agreement for the next meeting. And my clients joke with me all the time and they always say to me, or someone said it a while ago, everyone seems to have just jumped on the bandwagon, and they’ve said, “If you ever had merchandise made up, Julia, this should be on a T-shirt. And it should say, ‘I’ve got my calendar handy. Do you have yours?'”

And all it is, it’s just about trying to make an opportunity, make a future time to get together so that you can keep the momentum going in your conversation. Because there’s nothing more frustrating when you’re trying to
connect with somebody and help them solve a problem, and the lead potentially goes cold or it’s just a long buying cycle.

So, it doesn’t matter even if your next conversation is six months away. Have an agreement that that’s when you’ll talk next and be clear, “Let’s keep the momentum going on the conversation and let’s agree to speak maybe again in seven or eight weeks time.

I’ve got my calendar handy. Do you have yours?” I hope that helps.

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