More sales, more often, for more margin.

Supercharge your business growth with my tried and true formula based on world’s best practice sales process and FBI negotiation techniques.

Julia Ewert

Build your revenue machine

Establish a truly effective sales process in your business that continues to drive profit growth.

Based on some of the world’s best practice in sales process and negotiation skills, my Infinite Sales System™ will set up your business to:

  • Qualify your leads to maximise your effectiveness
  • Convert more proposals than ever before
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Increase your margin and stop discounting
  • Make more sales from LinkedIn & social media

Do you want the formula for limitless clients?

Having worked for some of the biggest companies in the world, my Infinite Sales System™ is based on world’s best practice and is a highly transferable, repeatable system designed to help your company to convert clients for life.

This is a unique system as it incorporates advanced negotiation skills learned from FBI, hostage and crisis negotiators. These complex techniques have been adapted into my Infinite Sales System™ so your business can win more clients, more often and for more margin.

Your last stop for a complete sales solution

We all sell something.

Do sales the right way.

If you’re not optimising your sales process, then sales training is like putting a band-aid over a severed limb: it won’t stop the bleeding.

A sales process will give you a replicable system that will plug all the holes your lost sales are leaking from.

No cheesy sales tactics, no outdated techniques, no pressuring people. Just a values-based “humanised” process which helps people to buy from you, so that you don’t have to sell.

Much more than just sales training, my Infinite Sales System™️ will transform the way you bring in new business and set the business up for recurring success.


Real results


“I have been in Sales for over 21 years and have participated in over 30 different sales training courses. This is by far the best training my team have attended. Julia allows her audience to watch her apply her techniques, then discuss and critique together. In all other training courses, the trainer will request the audience to role play and then the trainer will critique. Julia provides genuine solutions.”

Sales Executive, Engineering Company

“I will always remember Julia’s program. Who would have thought that FBI negotiation principles could help us win more business? She is not only funny, but her unique ability to connect with the audience, combined with her engaging content and sales and negotiation expertise is exceptional. She had us all talking about her techniques for months afterwards. She is now the only sales trainer we work with!”

State Manager, ASX listed company. Property Development

“Engaging Julia to coach us in negotiation and sales has been a huge bonus for our business! Previously we hated trying to sell our services and we constantly discounted. Julia’s sales process really helped us understand our worth and that the answer to converting prospects to customers is to ask lots of open questions. We have since converted countless new PR clients as a result. We would recommend her to everyone that wants to convert more customers without being too ‘salesy’!”

Managing Director, PR Agency

Julia Ewert The Negotiator

The Negotiator

Julia Ewert is a negotiator like no other.

Often interviewed in the media for her unique, practical and real-world application of negotiation techniques, people have praised Julia’s approach to negotiation as being more practical than as taught in the Harvard Business School negotiation course and the techniques taught at the Black Swan Group.

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