Supercharge your sales

The Infinite Sales System™

Based on some of the world’s best practices when it comes to lead conversion and making sales, The 8 Step Infinite Sales System™ is much more than just sales training.

The Infinite Sales System will bring you clients for life, at full margin.

This repeatable system will help your business maximise the return on your marketing investment by increasing your conversion ratio and your margin. Stop worrying about where your next client is coming from and stop discounting your services.

My 8 Step Infinite Sales System™ is based around the same 3 core principles used in many of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.

Qualify your sales prospects

2 steps of the Infinite Sales System are based around helping your business to get in front of more qualified prospects.

You’ll change from trying to sell to anyone, to successfully selling your products or services to the kinds of customers that you actually want to serve. As a result, your time efficiency will increase as will your conversion ratio.

Convert your leads to a sale

3 steps of the Infinite Sales System are geared towards helping you with the process, techniques and templates to convert more customers.

You’ll see an immediate boost in engagement from your prospects and you’ll learn how to hold their interest when being compared to your competitors. This core element of the program will also teach you how to hold your price when being asked or pressured for discounts and will teach you a proven method to successfully increase your price and still win the business.

After all, someone has to be the highest-price… why shouldn’t it be you?

The more competitive an industry you work in, the more successful these techniques have proven to be.

The fortune is in the follow up

80% of new business takes between 5 and 12 value-added follow up phone calls before it converts and only 44% of people follow up only once.

What is your plan after you send a proposal? What usually happens is one of two things: cross your fingers and hope to get a reply email; or you make the follow up asking if they received your proposal. Now what?

The fortune is in the follow up.

With most new business taking such effort to convert, this core element of the program will teach you how to take the effort out of the follow up so more business is converted and less business is lost in space.

In addition, you’ll learn how the answer to your sales problems isn’t more leads. You’ll learn how to convert more business from leads you’ve already met with, even if they didn’t buy from you the first time.

Whether your buying cycle is 2 days, 6 months or many years, learning how to follow up properly will ensure you win more business, more often.

The Infinite Sales System is for:

  • Solo-operators and business owners who engage with prospects to make sales
  • Small and medium businesses who have a sales team (of 1 or more salespeople) and want to convert more sales
  • Large businesses and organisations who struggle with sales or business development and have capacity to take on more clients
  • Companies experiencing low or declining conversion ratios and who may discount to win the business
  • Companies who are doing sales ‘by accident’, not by design

Please note:

  • This program is for sales people and company owners/managers involved in sales
  • If your company has a sales team of 1 or more salespeople, or are building out a sales team, also consider the The Sales Leadership program
Real world sales success

We have also requested for Julia to have an exclusive partnership with KLAUS for such training, declining requests from our direct competition in order to have a benefit over our competitors with new skills, more motivation and a clear structure of the sales process. The combination of a structured process, as well as these new techniques and skills has given us a higher level of motivation and is providing us with more successful negotiations. If someone would ask me why we chose a trainer who is based 20,000 km away at the other side of the world, I simply would say:  “Try it and you will be shocked what opportunities you have missed so far! Sales is a skill, Julia can help you to master this skill.“

Klaus Multiparking, Germany.

Please note: Julia’s Infinite Sales System is highly sought after and often has a waiting list of clients up to 3 months in advance. Please contact Julia now if you’re considering this for sometime in the future.

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