Look for The Clues when asking sales questions

Video transcript

Hi everyone. Julia Ewert, The Negotiator here.

A concept I’d like to introduce you to, if you’re in sales or you’re looking to improve your negotiating skills, is a concept called “The clues”.

Every time we interact with somebody and we’re trying to get towards an outcome which might be a sale, it might be an agreement that you’re trying to reach, you’re always looking for the information that you can give them, which will help them get towards a “yes”.

And that’s what I call “The Clues”.

In sales, oh I’ve seen it time and time again, a lot of people just talk and they just vomit all of their information over their perspective customer or whoever it is they’re trying to negotiate with and not taking time to
actually read the play.

So The Clues are every bit of information that your perspective customer or your opponent actually
gives back to you, verbally and non-verbally. Because often it’s what they don’t say that gives you the clue.

So every question that you ask and every statement that you make and every interaction you have with somebody, you should be really zoned in to listening for the clues. And how they respond will put them in one of three camps: a “Yes”, that they’re going to buy from you or you are going to make it to “yes”; a “No”, you’re definitely not
going to make it to yes; or or you’re not really sure.

So by asking specific questions and taking the time to slow down your interaction with somebody, you get a clue as to
where they’re sitting, on that spectrum. So it’s really important to structure your conversation in line with those clues.

If you get some information that shows that they’re not sure, ask them to clarify and say “hey, what do you mean by that?” Or, “Could you tell me some more?” The clues will help lead towards yes.

Give that a go!

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