Real Results

Julia continues to help companies in a variety of industries and sectors, across both B2C and B2B environments. These are a small sample of clients that continue to benefit from Julia’s sales and negotiation expertise:

Suits & Sneakers

Now I have a really solid process for the business that is scalable and adds value

I’ve learned a lot of negotiation strategies but hadn’t really put a solid process into the business operations and I’m sure I missed a lot of opportunity. Now I have a really solid process for the business that is scalable and adds value to the equity in the business. I’ve done a lot of negotiation and sales training and most focus on superficial and manipulative strategies but Julia is about embedding the process in the business to add value to the equity of the business.

Anne Miles

Working with Julia is life changing

“After almost one year of COVID-19 and several months of lock-down it was important for us to react to our declining sales which were attributed to ongoing travel restrictions , and missing personal meetings with potential clients. Julia helped us to change our sales process and a new structure, and we are well prepared before going to talk to our clients, as we have sharpened our ability to listen to them. It is life changing (and business changing) to work with Julia.”

Eddy Saleika

EES logo

This program is brilliant and we’ve seen a huge ROI

“We could not recommend Julia enough! We had been losing / leaking business due to a complete lack of a sales process & unstructured salespeople. This was losing us business and negatively affecting our reputation.

This 8 step sales process is incredible and like nothing we’ve ever seen before. We are now far more confident in our ability to capture and convert sales leads whilst retaining higher margins and also providing a premium experience to our clients. We’ve seen a huge ROI, more than we could have ever expected in such a short time.”

Brian Hack

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