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Julia’s clients tend to be the humble kind of people, not necessarily your typical ‘sales organisations’. These companies engaged Julia for her real-world, practical and relatable processes and have all achieved results beyond what they thought was even possible.

“I was lucky enough to have a consult with Julia in May 2020 and my only wish is that I had worked with her sooner! I am responsible for closing the deals our company receives for training requests, and although I work in negotiation and have learned a lot, I still did not feel like I had a solid grasp or structure when it came to the sales process.

Julia provided me with an incredible actionable plan (that I still use to this day) to help be more persuasive in our sales process that ultimately has increased our overall sales output. Not only am I infinitely more confident, but I have negotiated the highest paying deals for the company multiple times. If you are thinking about working with Julia- she is 110% worth every penny and then some!

Her tools and techniques work, she is passionate about what she does, and she KNOWS what she is talking about.”

Chief Operating Officer. American Negotiation Institute.

“It all started by listening to your podcast with Kwame on the topic of dynamic silence. Being involved myself with phone negotiations every day I found it very interesting. It was some of the most actionable advice I found since I stumbled upon Chris Voss book Never Split the Difference, and all of that in just a few nuggets of audio, very insightful. To be fair, it seems like your way of dealing with clients in mock negotiation situations feels more natural than the kind of language that people over at the Black Swan Group advocate for. Very powerful stuff indeed.”
Sales manager, Saas Company

“I’ve now achieved 5 to 8 sales opportunities per week which is double the usual rate and therefore double the revenue.

I also now have a solid process that is scalable and adds value to the equity in the business. I’ve done a lot of negotiation and sales training and most focus on superficial and manipulative strategies, but Julia’s no BS approach is about embedding the process in a genuine way to convert more business.”
Director, Marketing Agency


“You would not believe the few weeks I’ve had since our zoom call.
From the notes I gathered during our call…my next two leads…
Boom💥 we secured them both!
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with me – I’m now fully booked for most of this year after implementing your technique. Thanks again, you have changed my working life.”
Luxury Residential Builder

“Julia is a breath of fresh air. She provided the vitamins and perhaps even some of the medication we needed to maintain and improve the health of our overall sales division. Julia’s customised and dynamic approach to sales processes has empowered us to focus and become more efficient and effective, and her relentless drive and follow through helps ensure greater success.”
Marketing Director

“Julia’s process is by-far, the best investment I’ve made in my business this year and I’ve just had my biggest quarter in history! Prior to working with Julia, I would fumble my way through a prospect meeting. Julia’s sales process aligns so well with my values!

The results I’ve achieved have led to my closing 7 out of 9 conversations in the first two weeks of working together and all without lowering my prices. I even had one prospect comment that the questions I was asking (thanks to Julia) were very insightful.”

Business Coach

“Since working with Julia, our sales conversion rate has increased from 26% to 45%.

We have stopped spending money on advertising because Julia has taught us the strategy we will now use to follow-up with 100+ old prospects and extract more sales from our database.”
Owner, Business Consulting company

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