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Sales Leadership

83% of businesses unknowingly hire the wrong type of salesperson. Is it any wonder then, why they don’t hit sales targets and then resign. The cycle repeats itself when another ineffective salesperson is hired and they too, don’t perform to expectations.

Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world, Julia Ewert teaches her Sales Leadership program to your company directors and managers so you can avoid all the mistakes that other companies are making.

Sales Leadership

Evidence-based research and over 24 years experience.

With evidence-based research, Julia’s program focuses on the 3 principles of Recruit, Structure and Manage, which will enhance your sales function by teaching you:

  • The 5 types of salesperson and how to recruit for the most successful type (and how to avoid the pitfalls of recruiting the least-successful type)
  • How to structure their on-boarding, induction and KPIs in line with best practice
  • How to manage and retain salespeople for optimum performance

With over 24 years experience and clients around the world successfully using her Sales Leadership program, Julia also writes for the media on the topic of sales and sales leadership and has published several white papers.

Please note: Julia’s Sales Leadership program is highly sought after and often has a waiting list of clients up to 3 months in advance. Please contact Julia now if you’re considering this for sometime in the future.

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