Sales Leadership

Whether you have a sales team of 1 or 100, salespeople can be a challenge to manage. With many companies allowing their sales team to run themselves, rather than the sales team being guided by solid leadership, this is a risky exercise that rarely ends well.

High staff turnover and average results are the usual complaints of management, and an under performing sales team can quickly turn into a liability and a giant headache for many other departments in your company.

Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world, Julia Ewert teaches her Sales Leadership program to your company management so you can avoid all the common mistakes that others are making.

Evidence-based research and over 24 years experience.

The Sales Leadership program is based on 3 core principles used in many of the most successful companies in the world, so your entire sales function can operate successfully and smoothly, often for the first time ever.

Take all the headaches out of your sales function by learning and implementing these foundation elements to organise your sales team once and for all.


83% of businesses unknowingly hire the wrong type of salesperson. Is it any wonder then, why they don’t hit sales targets and then resign? The cycle repeats itself when another ineffective salesperson is hired and they too, don’t perform to expectations.

In this part of the program, you’ll learn the different types of salespeople and how to recruit for the most successful types. You will also learn how to:

  • Write a job advertisement that attracts the best talent
  • Interview to identify a candidate’s sales competency
  • Avoid the pitfalls of recruiting the least successful type
  • Review your current sales team in line with the most successful types


High commission and low base salary? Or high base salary and low commissions? KPIs based on GP? Or KPIs based on the number of sales made?


In this part of the program, you’ll learn how to set up the right structure that gives your sales team role clarity and gives you reporting transparency. If your business and sales team are currently confused by how they are being measured (or not measured), then you’ll receive a lot of benefit from this module. At the end of this part of the program, you’ll be blown away by how streamlined and simple your sales structure can be.

You’ll also learn:

  • The KPIs that drive high performance
  • Commission/bonus structure principles suitable for your business
  • How to design a solid induction and on-boarding program
  • How to successfully manage probation periods


It’s not uncommon for the usual practice of managing salespeople to be; give them some product training and then send them out into the world to make sales. Recruiting highly-paid employees and then leaving them to their own devices is a sure-fire way to ensure your sales team doesn’t perform, and good salespeople don’t come cheaply!

In this part of the program you’ll learn how to take all the guess-work out of managing your sales team and you’ll be on the road to consistent and solid sales performance, with a highly-engaged and motivated sales team. The way forward will finally be free of confusion and more clear than ever before.

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Retain high performers
  • Apply tools and techniques to manage poor performance
  • Run effective team sales meetings
  • Tap into individual motivators to bring out the best in each person
  • Conduct impactful coaching and performance meetings

The Sales Leadership program is for:

  • Businesses intending to build out a sales team for the first time
  • Businesses who have been left frustrated by poor performing salespeople or sales teams
  • Businesses, companies and corporations who have a sales team of 1 or more salespeople

Please note.

  • This program is for company directors and management
  • This program is best conducted in conjunction with The Infinite Sales System

Real Results

Our business was very well structured operationally and technologically, however our sales department was always hit and miss. In the past, we had a high turnover of sales staff, they rarely met their KPIs and they often caused friction within our organisation. “Sales teams” became a dirty word in our company.

Since completing Julia’s Sales Leadership program we have witnessed and learned the best interviewing techniques in order to identify top sales talent, which he never knew how to do. We also now have clear KPIs, a structured induction and probation period and the pathway for how this can lead to better retention.

As a result of this program, there has been an increase in confidence from managers and the overall team, consistent KPI achievement and greater harmony between company departments.

You won’t realise the mistakes you’re making in your sales department until you do this program. Julia is an absolute legend with all things sales process and sales leadership. This program will set up your sales function the right way, once and for all.


We started working with Julia in early 2023 and have seen so many benefits – both planned and unexpected – during our time together. At Trainwest, we don’t see ourselves as a traditional sale business – we saw sales as something optional, a chore that didn’t fit neatly with the culture of our business – and I was fearful this would be intimidating and disengaging for our staff. Julia was terrific in helping our team to dispel some myths as to what sales done well really looked like an gave us the confidence and capability to build out an internal sales capability within our team. Through our work with Julia we now have a coherent and standardised approach to how we manage sales conversations with future clients and this feels natural and in line with our identity as a high quality, trusted training partner. Beyond developing the sales process itself, I have seen our staff grow and develop in ways I didn’t expect, supported by Julia’s genuine, honest and authentic approach. I would highly recommend Julia to any business leaders looking to improve the competency of their organisation in delivering a repeatable sales process that feels genuine to their staff and stakeholders.

Matthew Dowd, CEO

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