Julia’s strength lies in her authenticity; she is indeed a breath of fresh air. It is very rare to find someone that cares as much about your success as you do, but Julia is definitely one of those people. Her coaching and mentoring skills are engaging and her guidance is invaluable.


Julia is a highly sought-after coach and mentor. In addition to her expansive 23 years of business experience to draw upon, she has also developed a remarkable ability to connect with people and is skilled in bringing out their best.

Sessions are one hour each and are usually conducted in a program of six sessions.

Through tailored one on one sessions, Julia provides coaching and mentoring on the following subjects:

  • Career direction & progression
  • Entering or re-entering the workforce
  • Individual and/or business performance improvement
  • Job interviews/applying for jobs
  • Leadership and Management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Networking
  • Sales conversion ratios
  • Sales and customer processes
  • Selling yourself (and your service and your prices) as a business professional
  • Women in business
  • Working with difficult teams, individuals or managers
"Upon speaking to Julia, it was immediately apparent she knew her stuff. Through Julia’s insight and expertise, she taught me how to show my own value and worth through a specific line of leadership questioning designed by her. She also gave me some great tips as to how to get a pay rise!

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Julia if anyone needs advice on how to have a bold conversation. Julia simplified what was a difficult topic for me. Her approach was friendly but matter of fact and her advice was relevant. The points taken from our conversation were specific to my issue but also something I can and will apply again in future. I am really thankful I had the opportunity to be coached by Julia. "
Caitlan Brakey
“Julia’s coaching and mentoring skills played a vital role in my success securing interviews and making informed decisions on the best direction for my career.

She has exceptional insight in the area of career development and broaches each situation with logic and passion, whilst empowering me to make my own informed decisions.

It is very rare to find someone that cares as much about your success as you do, but Julia is definitely one of those people. Her coaching and mentoring skills are engaging and her guidance is invaluable.”
Morgan Munro
Marketing Manager
Having worked in business for numerous years, I’ve never come across someone as incredible as Julia Ewert, whom I regularly have coaching sessions with. Julia has a rare talent to be able to connect with people and get right to the bottom of how she can help them – and quickly. Then she teaches sales and business techniques and puts simple, realistic plans in place. She is amazing!

Thank you Julia for all you have done to help me so far.

You don’t know what you’re missing out on by not speaking with Julia! Do yourself a favour and ask her to help you! She is a sales mastermind!”
Lynda Hastings-Smth
Real Estate Professional
“The importance of a great coach can never be underestimated – the best performing athletes have a coach and the best performing people in sales do exactly the same.

I have had the absolute pleasure of having had Julia help improve my processes but more importantly has been instrumental by providing a new thought process in how I approach my existing clients and how I deal with potential clients.

One way in which Julia has been able to help me is by formulating new questions to ask which help the customer to make a buying decision, instead of making no decision. This has resulted in increased sales and fewer customers sitting ‘on the fence’.”
Scott Ayles
Mortgage Specialist
“If you need a personal coach, I recommend you contact Julia. Now – yes, I mean right now! Julia has given me the confidence, focus and renewed belief in my own abilities to prepare me for re-entering the workforce.

Having spent the past 11 years as a full time stay-at-home Mum, Julia’s down to earth nature was exactly what I needed to refocus on me. Julia coached me across a number of areas, providing the tools and motivation needed to identify my personal and professional goals; organise my time more efficiently; create my professional profile and prepare for job applications and interviews.

Throughout sessions, Julia kept me focused on the end goal and challenged me by providing honest feedback, tempered by her personal stories and anecdotes.

Julia’s strength lies in her authenticity; she is indeed a breath of fresh air. Her style is that of partner – she has empowered me to identify my personal story and how to use this to my advantage, to stand out from the crowd. Thank-you Julia!”
Sandi Chase
Returning to work
Meeting Julia Ewert and having her coach me around negotiation and sales has been a huge bonus for me and my business! Before she started working with me I had gotten myself to the stage that I hated trying to sell my own services and constantly discounted or even offered far too much for FREE! But no longer! julia has helped me understand the art of sales again.

Since I have been working with her I have managed to secure a load more sign ups to my DIY PR courses.

Julia's courses and techniques really help you understand your worth and that the answer to converting people to customers is to ask lots of open questions. For the women out there that are questioning their worth, or finding it hard to get their customers across the line, Julia's course is a must-have. Best thing I ever did was to start the conversation with her that led to her becoming my coach. The resulting boost to my confidence, and ability to sell my own expertise has been a huge boon. I'd recommend her to everyone that wants to build their business and convert their customers without being too 'salesy'!
Jules Brooke
Handle Your Own PR