“As an international keynote speaker myself, I have had the privilege of witnessing some incredible presenters around the world, and Julia holds her own with the best of them.”


You won’t find a more skilled, more genuine or more practical sales and negotiation expert than Julia Ewert.

Julia’s unique point of difference as a trainer and facilitator is that 100% of techniques and skills she will transfer to your team are tested for success by her. So you can have the confidence in knowing that her strategies actually work.

Julia is available to deliver either her signature workshops or other workshop topics in any of the following formats:

  • “Lunch and learn” (~45 minutes)
  • Half day
  • Full day
  • Conference break-out sessions

I have the ability help people overcome complex and emotionally-charged situations such as delivering confronting feedback or dealing with disgruntled customers.

My trademarked negotiation framework Bold Conversations ™ will supercharge the way your teams communicate with each other, boosting employee engagement, productivity and trust.

“I have been in sales for over 21 years and have attended over 30 different sales courses.
This is by far the best”

“Julia facilitates with emotion, impact and humour. She is masterful at sharing stories that highlight important issues relating to the choices we have in how we live our lives. Her down to earth and engaging nature make her incredibly relatable to all. Her authenticity is infectious. As an international keynote speaker myself, I have had the privilege of witnessing some incredible presenters around the world, and Julia holds her own with the best of them.”
Rabia Siddique
International Keynote Speaker
“I will always remember being in the audience when Julia facilitated training to a large group of us. She is not only funny, but her unique ability to connect with the audience, combined with her engaging content is exceptional. She had us all talking about her techniques for days afterwards and I have since compared all other sales training and presentations I attend to hers! She’s amazing!”
Victorian Sales Manager
Property Development
"We’re glad we found Julia! Our training with Julia was invaluable. The content was excellent and delivered in a creatively engaging way which was thoroughly enjoyed by the entire team. We are looking forward to more sessions with Julia."
National Sales Manager
ASX listed, Property Development Company
"We had the pleasure of having Julia at the 2019 CISA National Conference for the session "Women in Leadership". With years of expertise in building leaders, Julia addressed the audience with her knowledge, authenticity, and thought-provoking ideas. We strongly recommend Julia for anyone who wants a speaker that initiates "bold conversations".
TEDx Speaker
"Julia’s training is useful, practical and strategic and it helps me a lot in my day to day working environment in the sales domain. Her techniques negotiating objections and closing the sale have helped so much. I highly recommend having Julia’s training if you can!"
Property Development Specialist
“Our Partner group really enjoyed our training with Julia and learning how we can better interact with our clients to understand their needs and how we can best service them as a business. Julia was so knowledgeable, engaging and passionate in her presentation and we thoroughly enjoyed the interactive format of the day.”
Accounting Services Industry
"I absolutely loved Julia’s training session. I was engaged from the beginning until the end. Sitting In an 8 hour training session and be that engaged is amazing. She is very captivating, informative and well prepared with content rich in personal development that you can actually use in your daily interactions with clients and see results immediately.

I have been in Sales for over 21 years and have participated in over 30 different sales training courses. This is by far the best if have attended.

Julia will allow her audience to watch her apply her techniques then discuss and critique together. In all other training courses, the trainer will request the audience to role play and then the trainer will critique. Julia provides genuine solutions.

I have already started to see true results that add value and impact to my current work environment."
Property Development Executive