Is your social media strategy about collecting or connecting?

Video transcript

Are you in the business of collecting, or connecting?

When it comes to making sales, one thing I say all the time is people are just collecting followers and collecting connections.

Now, whilst this is great for maybe someone’s status, or confidence, they always wonder how much revenue they make. You know, how many sales they’re making from these connections and followers. So when you connect with
somebody on social media, a couple of strategies you can try in order to increase your sales, rather than just accepting the follow, or accepting the connection, why don’t you try and strike up a conversation and find out what someone’s interest is in getting in touch with you? And it’s okay if they don’t have an agenda.

And that’s what’s great about online platforms. You don’t always have to have an agenda. But it shouldn’t stop you asking. So each time someone invites me to connect, and LinkedIn is the place where you’ll find me most
prominently, I guess, I always ask a question after someone connects with me, to find out what their interest
is and how I can help them.

And if they’re simply there just to connect, I’m also fine with that as well. So rather than just
collecting the numbers, try connecting properly. And if you do this repeatedly over a long term, a term long term, you’ll find that you’ll start to make sales because people will become more engaged with you in conversation, or in dialogue.

And at some point you’ll get to shift your conversation off that platform and into real life.

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