The Negotiator

Julia Ewert is a negotiator like no other. Her negotiation skills have been tested with successful outcomes related to; employment contracts, trade-union disputes, personal and professional procurement, performance feedback, redundancy and disgruntled customers.

Julia Ewert The Negotiator

Julia Ewert is a negotiator like no other

Often interviewed in the media for her unique, practical and real-world application of negotiation techniques, people have praised her approach to negotiation as being more practical than as taught in the Harvard Business School negotiation course and the techniques taught at the Black Swan Group.

She is also highly endorsed by the American Negotiation Institute and is a regular guest on the #1 negotiation podcast in the world: Negotiate Anything.

“Our company is often embroiled in complex contract negotiations with a client.

As successful business consultants, our company is often embroiled in complex contract negotiations with clients. Our fees are also some of the highest in the marketplace.

We had one particular client that we were keen to continue working with but were clear with us that our fees were out of reach.

We completed Julia Ewert’s negotiation course and are now armed with all the tools and techniques to help us win more long-term contracts with clients. Not only did we win that client with full-fees, but multiple others since.

Her approach to negotiation is nothing less than mesmerising and her ability to explain the applicable theory in practical terms left us in awe.

We would hate to ever find ourselves on the opposing side to Julia in a negotiation!”

Business contract negotiation

“I heard Julia speak at an event and admired her skills in negotiation. My business is a 2 way market place with some complexities attached to it which lead me to engaging Julia’s negotiation services to help resolve a sensitive situation.

In under an hour, she gave me 3 effective strategies to achieve a better outcome. Simple, effective techniques to diffuse tension and achieve your desired outcome. To anyone thinking of using Julia I would highly recommend her. You will be getting expert advice that is easily implemented and will genuinely help your business going forward.”

Supplier and customer negotiation

Who even knew that hiring a negotiator would result in our company hiring the best people in the marketplace?

“We engaged Julia Ewert to assist with the final interviews for an executive position we were looking to fill. Julia has an uncanny ability as an exceptional judge of character and she was able to quickly sift through the conversation with two candidates that ended up ruling them out of the process due to her uncovering several risk factors that we had previously missed. We have ended up with a far better candidate than we expected, all thanks to Julia’s negotiation skills that were put to the test in our recruitment process.”

Candidate Selection

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