What problem do you solve for your customer?

Video transcript

What problem do you solve for your clients? I’ll be you can tell me pretty quickly what your product or your service is, how much it costs, how it works, who can buy it, how they can buy it and how it operates.

But, I’ll tell you something that I’ve learnt, in that if you want more people to buy from you, your product or service, you need to talk to them in a language that resonates with them and talk to them in the customer’s language, not in your language.

Now, what this means is it’s about overhauling how you describe your product or service and talk about it in a way that makes people sit up and pay attention. And the first question you can always consider is: what problem do you solve?

So, when you know what problem you solve for your potential customers, it makes it a lot easier for you to actually explain what it is that you do. And the thing that you sell, whether it’s a product or service, actually becomes less of a focus. Because the conversation with your prospect is more about what problem you can help them solve.

We all have problems in our everyday lives that we want solved. At the most fundamental level, we all want the same things; we want to make money, save money, save time, be more efficient, we want to be healthy, we want to be confident, we want our families to be happy, we want to spend more time doing the things that we love, less time doing the things that we don’t love.

If we’re in business, we want competitive advantage, market share, investor returns.

So, which of those things can you solve through your product or service?

And when you can master the way you speak about that, that hits some of those emotional needs for people, you’ll actually make a shift in becoming a nice-to-have, to an actual need for people.

And, that simply comes back to, what problem do you solve?

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