A Winning Start: How Businesses Can Ensure the Best Finish to the Year

A Winning Start: How Businesses Can Ensure the Best Finish to the Year

A good start to the year will help establish momentum for the year ahead, and businesses who start strong (and maintain discipline) tend to achieve or exceed their goals. 

I’ve compiled a list, from working with and learning from some of the best companies in the world, of the key measures and metrics businesses should have established and ensure are being monitored and tracked. 

As always, have a read and actively assess your position on these pillars and feel free to drop me a line to let me know what you think! 

Starting strong: 


Starting strong:


Define Clear Objectives and Key Results (OKRs): To ensure a strong finish, businesses must start by defining clear objectives and key results (OKRs) at the beginning of the year. These goals should be ambitious yet attainable, and they should align with the overall vision and values of the organization. By setting specific and measurable targets, businesses can track progress throughout the year and make necessary adjustments to stay on course. Clear OKRs provide focus, motivation, and a sense of purpose for employees at every level.


Track Your Action Plan: It is crucial to have developed a robust action plan. This plan should outline the strategies, broken down into smaller actionable steps and tasks, and timelines required to achieve the desired outcomes – because ‘goals without plans are just wishes’. Regular progress tracking and evaluation ensure that the business stays on track and can make timely adjustments if needed.


Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): To ensure a successful year-end, businesses must regularly monitor and assess their performance against key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs provide measurable metrics that indicate progress and highlight areas that require attention or improvement. By tracking (and working on) these indicators regularly, businesses can identify trends, address challenges proactively, and capitalize on opportunities. Adjusting strategies and allocating resources based on KPI insights enables businesses to maximize their efforts throughout the year.


Monitor and Focus on How-To Sales: If you’re not selling, you’re not in business. Whilst sales is a priority, many businesses tend to treat it with the approach of ‘let’s up the targets’ as the key sales strategy. Businesses need to actively invest in empowering and equipping the sales engine of the business, especially at the start of the year. What are some areas you can improve in your sales process? Do you have an effective sales process or just something that everyone else uses? Is your team equipped with the skills and how are those skills going to be enhanced?


Inject Dynamic Agility & Regular Scenario Planning: The business landscape is dynamic, and the ability to adapt to market changes is crucial for sustained success. Starting the year with a mindset of agility allows businesses to respond swiftly to shifting customer demands, emerging trends, and industry disruptions. Maintain regular market research, competitor analysis, and customer feedback to enable the businesses to make informed decisions and adjust your strategies accordingly. Agility ensures that businesses stay relevant, competitive, and positioned for a strong finish.


Use Business Intelligence To Deeper Understand Your Metrics: Find out why you’re succeeding and why you’re not. Was your success based on a once-off occurrence that cannot be replicated? Was your shortfall due to something that can easily be fixed? What is the root cause of the success or shortfall? Use data analytics to get a deeper understanding of the cogs that run your machine and how you can improve the chances of your success. Use a tool like Power BI to help analyse your metrics.


Foster And Measure Collaboration and Communication: Effective collaboration and communication are vital for businesses to achieve their year-end goals. Encouraging teamwork, open dialogue, and knowledge sharing across departments promotes synergy and aligns efforts towards shared objectives. Regular team meetings, project updates, and transparent communication channels create a collaborative work environment that fosters innovation and collective problem-solving. It is important for businesses to not just foster end encourage, but also measure how these key pillars are doing.


Invest in and Track Employee Development and Engagement: Employees are invaluable assets in driving business success, and investing in their development and engagement is essential for a strong year-end finish. Providing opportunities for training, skill enhancement, and professional growth not only enhances individual capabilities but also strengthens the overall organizational capacity. And again, review and monitor metrics on how you are ensuring your most valuable assets are being developed and engaged.